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Why choose only one profession, if you can combine everything you like

and are good at altogether?


Soon after graduating from AKI/ArtEZ College of fine Arts in Enschede,

I started working for a behind the scenes as a set-decorator and property master

for various Dutch television productions.

After a few years I set off on to new adventures and while travelling around the world, I lived in New Zealand and Argentina. When I returned to the Netherlands I got a job at a home furnishing store where my creativity was able to manifest itself in many ways, being a photographer and illustrator.


My illustrations can be seen on many different media surfaces, from product design and fabric prints to billboards along the highway, and now also wallpaper.

There are even a few people who where crazy enough to tattoo my tigers and mermaids onto their bodies. Boring office spaces aren't safe in my presence, and I've had the privilege to draw onto a substantial amount of square meters at different companies. Wild animals, travelling and exotic plants are my favourite subjects.


In september 2018 I attended Picturecamp masterclass in Atapuerca, Spain. During that week where I learned everything about developing your own picture book, it became very clear to me that the love for storytelling, whether it's in someone's interior or in a children's book or in a photo, is a recurring theme in all my work. As a young girl I could spend hours drawing at the kitchen table and taking my Playmobil outside for endless stories, completely losing myself in my own fantasy.

Luckily that has never disappeared, and I'm always happy in the presence of my own imagination, and the right tools to express it.

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